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  • Patricia Northrup

The Last

I am sorry I have not blogged in so long.  8 days to be exact.  It has been a hard 8 days.  We have been so busy trying to execute the needs of the region, trying to get prepared to get everyone out the door and home to their families and making sure that the people taking our place are ready to go.

Today though, I leave this base in a short 9 hours……and it was full of lasts.  The last time I get my coffee from my friend Shanti in the Greens Beans Coffee Shop.  The last time, I have a cell phone and can be called for a problem or emergency.  The last time I drive my truck back to the dorm.  The last time I go to the pool.  The last load of laundry.  The last time I go to the fitness tent.  The last dinner we eat together……everything is a last.  As I left the fitness tent today, the girl (who sees me everyday) says, “Goodbye ma’am.”  Only I know that the goodbye is forever.  It may take her a few days to wonder where I went but then she will forget me or rotate back to her family.  But I will probably never see her again.

I breathed a sign of relief as they dropped off about 50 unassembled beds in front of our dorm.  I have no idea what their plans are for those beds and to be honest, I don’t care.  Our guardsmen should not be separated from their families for pulling weeds, assembling furniture or painting dorms.  It was nice when we were tasked for our capabilities and we were able to really do what we do best…the flying mission!!  But I guess if we are doing that, then there is unrest somewhere…..what a double edged sword.

All I can say now, is that this is my last blog and my last trip to the Middle East.  My husband often marvels at how unfeeling I can seem when it comes to days like tomorrow.  The day Andrew and I drove out of Enid after pilot training, he asked me, “Don’t you want to look back and say goodbye?  Won’t you be sad?”  Nope….not even for a minute.  That is exactly the same with here.  I am glad I came, I did a great job but it is time to get home.  See you in 4 days!!!


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