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  • Patricia Northrup

Pool Party

Even the inmates get a day of fun!!  Saturday was Mia’s birthday and we had a group of us that traveled off base to a hotel and enjoyed the pool and a fabulous buffet lunch.  It was so hard to leave once the day was over because for that moment, you are able to imagine that you are home.  That you can walk out the front door, get in your car and drive home.  It is nice that in this country, we have the freedom to leave the base but there is always something to snap you back to reality.  As we were all lounging at the pool, it was an interesting spectator perspective.  One man was wearing a sailor hat like Hugh Hefner and he was half the size of his wife in every way…also, a woman in an Abaya and Hijab just got up form her seat and went right into the pool.  Head to toe clothing and in she goes.  It is odd things like that that snap you back to the reality that you are in another country with another way of life.

12 days and a wake up now.  So hard to believe how close it is.  I talked to Carlyn yesterday and it warmed my heart.  I have been sending her presents the whole time I have been gone to have something good happening while I am away.  I told her that when I got home, there would be no more presents from me coming in the mail.  She said. “That’s okay mom….I would rather have you.”  I can’t wait to get home and love my entire family…I miss them so much.

Today it is gale force winds out there and the visibility is down to nothing.  No point in going anywhere but I think at 3pm we are all going to rally for a movie, then probably dinner and finally the gym.  Sound familiar?  There are limited options here but I guess it keeps life simple.

Can’t wait to head home…just a few more tomorrows.


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