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God Always wins

Ahhh life.....we blink and almost 3 months has gone by. I started on this blog post right after Thanksgiving and there it sits on my list. Today is the Super Bowl but instead of sitting in front of a TV watching the game, I am flying to San Antonio in 2 hours and determined to finish this Blog post. So pardon the references to 2023 but I have polished it up a bit for 2024 and here it is!

I normally have my pithy commentary about this and that but with having just celebrated a Thanksgiving that overflowed with blessings, I felt a huge tug to post something about my gratefulness regarding my abundantly overflowing life. So here goes.

I find it interesting the hesitance of some to acknowledge the role that God has in this world and our lives. I think there is a natural resistance to the concept of a puppet master guiding and leading. Most religions call this "puppet master" benevolent but then how does one explain all the pain and suffering in this world?

I will be the first to say that I accept that the world is broken because man is broken. I am broken. Constantly making errors, hurting those I love and those I should love. Making decisions that give me an edge or favor my personal gain; disregarding the simple needs of others. God respects my freedom to choose and allows me to reap the consequences of my actions. Sadly,those consequences are not always limited to affect only me, they affect everyone around me. That is why I believe we have suffering in this world....we make it...all 8 billion of us.

Faith is tough. The bible is clear that those who believe and have not seen are truly blessed. I tell my middle child that we fall into this category. But she says, "Mom, there has to be some proof." This is where human nature can also be used to explain the good as well as the bad. Historians don't deny the existence of Christ, his death and resurrection. Once he was arrested, like we see in our modern cop TV shows, all of the accomplices fled. No one was to be found except for Peter in the shadows. He knew he should claim loyalty to his Rabbi but his human nature and fear just would not allow it.

Though none go with me, still I will follow. Jesus followed God.

As many of you who know me know, I am not one to bang a bible on the table and preach about God. But then I also don't disregard the influence that my Creator has had on every step of my life either. I also don't think it is a blind faith either. The evidence of God working constantly in my life for good is so incredibly prevalent that knowing that if I listen to the Holy Spirit guiding my life, somehow EVERYTHING works for my good. Quick disclaimer is that "my good" does not equate to my happiness. ,my comfort, my coming out on top by any means. But it does mean that if I am patient, eventually it will be clear that the struggle, pain, discomfort will ultimately work for my benefit. This has been my lifelong boulevard of "Green Lights".

It is fascinating how much "new found" truth about human benefit aligns with traditional Godly principles. Simon Sinek, one of our modern leadership experts is constantly talking about the importance of leading by example, serving others and understanding a meaningful "why". These are all principles that Jesus lived. I find it interesting that these principles strike a chord in us. We all want to love our parents and want them to be unselfish and benevolent. Much in that same way, I believe we all yearn for that in our creator. Every 12 step process requires the participant to acknowledge a higher being. I guess I would challenge that without a higher power, where does that leave us? Why are we here? What is the point?

The world tries to tell us that that point is to get more.....more what? More of anything. The pursuit of more will occupy every moment and not allow anything of true value to creep in. By always cheating your way to the front of the line and stealing the things you want in life, you miss the most important part. Science has proven that humans need the struggle to find meaning and joy. It never is the end result that satisfies. This is shown over and over with the people that have everything, yet are hopelessly unsatisfied. This need for perserveneance and struggle is the fertile ground for God's best work. This is where God has a chance to mold your spirit, teach you important lessons and point you in the direction you need to go.

Evidence. Here is my evidence. I have started journaling in recent years because it is interesting how quickly I forget the many ways God has shown His hand in my life. Here are some recent examples. The day before I purchased tickets to take my girls across the country for Thanksgiving, it became obvious that my original plan was not in the best interest of my girls. I used to fight those roadblocks, my pride of life, but now I listen and I started to look for other holiday opportunities. When I settled on Germany to visit my niece and her family, everything fell into place. That dovetailing is Gods way of saying, "Yes". The roadblocks are No. The entire trip was seamless. When I got home, I was going to have to quickly head out again for a work trip. The day before, the company gave me another day to get to work and paid me for the day I missed. Whenever I need help, whenever I am in a bind and look to God to help me, the answer comes. Looking back on my journal, I have hundreds of these types of examples.

Recently I went to speak at a conference and the feedback was not good. I did not connect well with the audience the the reviews were very challenging to read. But......that is the evidence that even if I think I did a good job, they did not agree. Through this failure I have made some meaningful and well overdue updates to my overall presentation and received a standing ovation last week.....I was stunned. God is good. That failure truly made me better and I would not have improved without it.

So I have a choice; believe that God is leading my life and continue to have him do so and always have things ultimately work out or fight his leading "tooth and nail" and lead a complicated, drama filled life with unnecessary struggle. Not much of a choice if you ask me.

So....God Always old friend finds frustration with my conviction that all things work for good. You get cancer, we pray for healing.....whether God heals or not, we celebrate and worship God......."He can't lose!!" Instead of finding this truth frustrating, I find this comforting. There was security when your parents had things under control so if I am going to follow anyone, I certainly want it to be a leader who always wins. So yes, God always wins and I am thankful.

The next tine you feel that tug to change your course for one that serves others more than yourself or a feeling that you should stop a course of action because it is not aligned with good moral principles, I would challenge that this is God trying to speak to you. If you listen, maybe the lights in your own life can turn green and through the struggle you can find true contentment and happiness. Following God has no downside because the things you shed and lose were just weighing you down. This road is not easy but it is the only road to true peace and contentment.

Until next time........


Romans 8:28


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