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  • Patricia Northrup

Boulevard of Green Lights

I have never lived a “normal” life…….but what is normal? It is the status quo of the past? Is it what people are doing now? Is it what people think we should do? I haven’t a clue.

I do know that I am a dreamer. I am always about what is possible and not necessarily what is practical. I was fully committed to that lifestyle until I brought little people into this world and then those decisions of “possibility” would not only affect my life but theirs as well. I believe I am a little less impetuous now but no less a dreamer.

I am also exceptionally blessed. I am not sure if I am just lucky, excellent at planning, a master of seizing opportunities that yield good results or maybe it is simply my perspective but, the bottom line is that things in life generally go my way.

My husband refers to this phenomenon as my “boulevard of green lights”. And he is correct… seems that way a majority of the time.

These green lights are not a result of not allowing the world to affect me either. I am not one to sit around and if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I burn the candle at 5 ends. I feel so incredibly driven to live and experience life! So I am constantly putting myself out there to be affected by the world’s forces.

Seizing rare opportunities are at the top of my list of things to do. Things that mere mortals would barely think of, let alone try.

My sister and her husband came to hang out with me and my girls after Christmas and we got to talking about my next airline trip. I was commenting how thankful I was that Andrew and traded my 2 leg New York all-nighter for a long layover in Maui. Good man.

Then I got to thinking that it was my sister’s anniversary over that Maui trip and I looked at the flight loads. On an airplane that seats 189 people, there were 21 passengers…..what?!! I was in disbelief. 168 open seats. My sister was too sick (head cold) to think of going. Hmmmm……instead of tears from my girls as I left for my trip what about cheers?? So I threw the idea out there, “Does anyone want to go to Hawaii??” Well, the hula demonstrations started and packing commenced….I guess the answer was yes.

I had to call one of Carlyn's friend's mom and cancel a play date for the following day. It felt odd to say that Carlyn had to cancel because she would be in Hawaii (first world cancellation excuse). Then the mom said, “.boy, I wish I could go”…….you see where this is going right? Well, she has two other kids to look after but we both decided that her oldest could come with us to Maui.

Ahhh the possibilities. So I got to fly the whole gang to tropical paradise. In 24 hours in Maui, we went to the beach, sat poolside at the hotel, visited a little Hawaiian village, had shaved ice and capped off the day with a rooftop dinner watching the sun set on the Pacific behind the beautiful tropical scenery.

This dinner is a perfect object lesson in my green light theory. Once I knew we were going to Maui, I started calling places for Luaus; what an amazing experience that would be for the girls. Now, this is the day before New Years Eve…….so everything was booked. Once we got to Maui, I stopped by the concierge to see if we could make a dinner reservation somewhere with music….all full. Ok, how about some where near the beach….all full too. Ok, plan D… truck that is highly recommended and sit and each on the beach and watch the sunset…..sounds perfect.

Then when we headed into the Hawaiian village for shaved ice, I see the rooftop restaurant. I just want to check it out even though it looks a little divey. Once you climb the stairs, it is a gorgeous beach view to the west. WOW! The manager Pablo happened to be standing there and I said we would love a reservation for 6 at 5pm. He said done! Green light for sure…dinner was amazing; great food, great service and epic sunset.

Then 3 hours later, I flew everyone home to Los Angeles.

So when you find yourself thinking of what can go wrong, maybe flip that logic and look at all that can go right. This New Years 2019 was a memory that will stay with us forever. I think my green lights are a result of flexibility in thinking, careful planning and bold execution. Maybe my world goes my way because I make it bend to my will. Next time you want to do something……DO IT! SIEZE IT! TAKE IT! Hop on the boulevard of green lights!

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should but me saying no to flying my family to a playdate in Maui for my daughters and their friend was just not going to happen……wait until share time at school on Monday!

Happy New Year!


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