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  • Patricia Northrup

Happy Birthday to me

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Well…..thank you to all of you who showered me with birthday cards, presents and surprises.  What a great birthday…Mom and Dad’s cards came very early and I had already opened them and my great presents from them….and the package from my family at home and my best friend Julie was delivered today on my birthday….emails from my sisters and dear friends.  Thank you all for making this day in this lonely place so incredibly special!!

This is the place we live…”The Rock”.  It sits atop a hill and that is a sword coming out of the top, not a cross.  Behind me and out of the picture is a memorial to September 11.  I am off to the gym and then our squadron is planning a fun game night.  Just put in laundry and on that note will say goodbye to my birthday for another year.  

If you are watching the news, you know that things are crazy here.  Glad we are leaving soon but I hope that we can help if we are needed in the meantime.  Please send prayers to the poor folks in the areas of unrest. 


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